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     Prince Paul

The  Prince of Where the Real Psychics Go

Allow me to be a guiding vessel in your life.  I have been giving professional Tarot Readings since November of 2010. 

It truly feels amazing helping people along their journey.  I have always had intuitive hunches from early childhood about spiritual phenomena.

It was not until june 2010 when my inner psychic was reignited by my teacher LovLee. So ever since then I have been a force of power helping thousands of people through theTarot and Astrology.

Connect with me today for a phenomenal Consultation.

W.T.R.P.G LOGO.jpg
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W.T.R.P.G LOGO.jpg

    Tahuti Asara

The Tarot Specialist of Where the Real Psychics Go

I am Tahuti Asara.  Tarot has always been special to me.


I've studied the history of the Tarot learning of its ancient origins, which inspired me to look even further into the craft.  This sacred science has been around for thousands of years. 

As a Tarot Specialist I delve deep into my craft, trusting my intuition, when consulting with the Tarot.  I have learned how to utilize the Tarot to delve deep into peoples lives seeing their best outcome.  Call me now.

W.T.R.P.G LOGO.jpg
W.T.R.P.G LOGO.jpg

Jean Pauli

For those of you who prefer to use my services on Keen click my call button, however my prices are much more expensive here.

Please leave your feedback of myself or Tahuti on the home page.
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