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Nigga Astrology

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To know the wisdom of Astrology is to know yourself.  In this work you will learn the basic moral law of Astrology, which you can use to redefine your circumstance.

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Diaries of a Ghetto Prince

Take a ride with the Prince of the Psychic world.  In this work Paul reveals some of the events that made him into the man he is now.  Entertaining with a Ghetto Twist.

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Naga Astrology

The clean PG rated version of Nigga Astrology.  No curse words, & use of the word Nigga.  Ideal for children 5-17 as well as those who hate the word Nigga.  Same awesome information without all of that profanity.  A Naga is a royal person.  Known all over the world before the word nigga came into existance.  Lets behave like nagas instead of niggas.

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<---Astrology from a Psychic Ninjas Perspective, only $5.00

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